5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Award Winning

12/11/20155 Ways to Make Your Marketing Award Winning

Our Marketing Director, Jade Tambini, is frequently asked to judge marketing awards so here she gives us a few tips on how to make your marketing award winning (even if you aren't planning on entering any awards!)

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10/11/2015How to Avoid an Interviewers Pet Peeves

Interviews are no-ones favourite way of spending a few hours but have you ever thought of what it is like from an interviewers point of view? Seeing person after person who all reel off the same 'stock' answers. We asked our Sales Director, Duncan Powell, to give us his top pet interviewer peeves and how to avoid them.

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How to Ask for a Payrise

07/08/2015How to Ask for a Payrise

We've all been there, pretty happy in our job but notice that other roles out there are being advertised with a higher salary or taking on more responsibility and that not being recognised in your pay packet. Whatever the reason you think you deserve a pay rise money is always a sensitive subject which few of us enjoy talking about. To make it easier we've put together our 5 top tips with a short video on asking for a pay rise.

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03/08/2015How to negotiate salary at interview stage

This is a particularly tricky subject – the thorny issue of how to broach the subject of pay before you've even started a job is something which comes up quite frequently but often people aren't sure on the best way to tackle it so we've put together a few tips to help you navigate negotiating salary at interview.

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