26/10/20166 things Marketers can learn from Oi Conf 2016

Didn’t attend OiConf 2016? Fear not, Yolk Digital Marketing Manager Jess Price has rounded up her six takeaways from the event:

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Interview Preparation Masterclass

18/10/2016Interview Preparation Masterclass

Going into a job interview is often testing, take our 5 minute masterclass to get make sure you get grade A marks.

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10 tips for an epic start to your new job

07/10/201610 tips for an epic start to your new job

Make sure you start your new job off on the right foot with Yolk’s tips on nailing those first few weeks…

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What the heck is Blockchain?

05/10/2016What the heck is Blockchain?

After a client asked for Blockchain experience in a candidate I agreed to do a bit more research and was blown away by what I discovered...

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