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UK IT salaries can’t compete with the rest of the world.


Global IT Salaries recently compiled a list of salaries for a range of IT roles across the globe and on average the UK didn’t rank within the top five places to work. With projections for the IT sector to greatly expand over the next decade as new technologies like 4G and the cloud set to revolutionise the way we work and consume media theUKcan’t afford to be left behind. 

UK IT Salaries are on average 60% lower than the highest paying countries and 15% lower than the global average. A software developer in the UK will get paid $43k, while in Australia they can earn $106k and in the US $94k. With salaries so much higher in other countries they are often seen as more desirable locations. The UK IT industry has to step up and reassess what they are offering in order to retain our talent pool of IT professionals before it’s too late. 

The UK is a market leader for software and IT services in Europe with a market value of £58bn pa. Research by Microsoft has indicated that the UK IT industry could help create 2,500 new businesses and 78,200 new jobs by 2013 but this could be in jeopardy if issues surrounding salary levels fail to be addressed. The UK remains a hot bed for early adopters of new technologies and therefore we need to ensure that the devices and media they are consuming are home grown. 

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Written by Jonathan Bennett+

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