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Motivation starts in the office!


motivation starts in the office

The average 9 to 5 worker in the UK spends around 2,088 hours per year in the workplace, with so much time spent at work it is essential that the working environment is productive and busy.

You won’t be surprised to learn that drab and gloomy surroundings rub off on a work force causing them to lack creativity and enthusiasm.

There are hundreds of sites online that offer extensive home decorating ideas - the office is a space, therefore don’t deprive it of some TLC! 

An office overhaul doesn’t have to mean chic uncomfortable furnishings and impractical desks, simple changes around the office can make a huge difference to the work place.

At Yolk we’ve introduced a space where employees can “chill out”, a small hub away from the central office which offers our consultants somewhere to escape to and where they can bond over a sarnie or two! 

Choosing the perfect office colours

Before grabbing the paintbrush and committing colour to the office walls, consider the values of your business and what image you intend to reflect. For example if your business is a quirky cutting edge design agency plain, simple and neutral colours may not suite your workplace. Instead you may consider brighter colours combined with some graphic design on larger walls. 

The colour oracle

Research has shown that certain colours create different moods and effects in people. Bright colours help to stimulate creativity and energy, subtle or pale colours produce calming and relaxing moods.  


Red is a strong and powerful colour and generally is best applied to a large surface area in order for a space not to feel small or closed in. Red is a colour associated with energy, danger, strength and power. 


Orange is a bright, happy colour as it represents enthusiasm, determination and joy. The colour is not as aggressive as red and reminds us all of warmer climates! Orange is also the colour that the Yolk office proudly sports!


In unison with orange yellow stimulates mental activity, it is a fun and light hearted colour often associated with youth. Brighter shades of yellow grab people’s attention (too bright however and you’ll be sending the work force home with strong headache tablets!)


Green is perfect for creating an organic and natural look for your office. Green represents renewal and positivity. Unlike red it indicates safety and security.


The grass is green, the sky is blue! Blue also has links to nature. It is a colour associated with clarity and depth and helps to create a calming effect within a room. 

There are of course a variety of shades and colours available to decorate with and to list them all would be an almost impossible task. The list above demonstrates how different colours send out various messages and help generate different environments. 

Still lacking some mojo, check out the link below for some grand office designs that would have us all skipping into work!

Written by Jonathan Bennett+

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