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A day in the life of an IT recruiter


IT Recruitment

The day in the life of an IT recruiter is usually fast paced and very challenging. You need to be on the ball at all times in order to make sure you don’t miss a trick and let the competition get the advantage. I have detailed a typical day below so you know what I mean!

My day starts at 8am when I down a double shot espresso and a large Americano (that’s the posh name for a black coffee). I then start scanning my huge list of emails for anything urgent that’s come in overnight. After dealing with anything that comes up I start checking the job boards for what new candidates have registered. Anyone good I call and qualify for their suitability, if they are really good I get them over to my clients immediately. Candidates are the lifeblood of recruitment and if I don’t get in there first my competition will and I would have potentially lost someone special.

At 8:30 I run our 'scrum' meetings. These are short, pumped up, stand up meetings where we set our targets for the day. These really help kick start the day for my team.

Next I am on the phone calling clients who have received CV's from me the day before or who have interviewed my candidates so that I can take feedback, then its either delivering the feedback candidates, arranging more  interviews or checking my candidates have started work or are ready to attend interviews for that day.

From about 10am I am still on the phones but this time speaking to new prospect clients telling them how great Yolk are, what makes us different and selling them the dream, this can get hard since not everyone wants to speak with me, some clients are happy with what they have so its all about standing out. As a company we offer something really unique so it’s easier to get a new client to warm to us. It also helps if you can invite them a hospitality box at the football or the races.....

Midday I am on the road meeting clients and candidates for coffee or lunch, its important to get your face in amongst them....that’s how relationships are made!

2pm I am back on the phones but this time to candidates, checking them out for their suitability, qualifying their skills and making sure they are good enough to put my name against them....they feed you a lot of what you want to hear so its important no stone is left unchecked when it comes to qualification. I am also finding out about other companies they want to work for or places they have already applied to which helps my business development the next morning. 

If you haven’t realised by now, I spend a lot of time on the phone. It’s not about job boards and CVs, it’s about people, clients or candidates, building relationships and really getting to know what my contacts want. I try to keep email communication to a minimum, speaking to someone over the phone or at a face to face meeting is a much better way to connect with someone.

Ooops, I have had an offer from a client, its worth about £5k in revenue so I am on the mobile this time walking around the office negotiating the deal, making sure the candidate accepts, stopping any counter offers! He accepts so I smash the massive gong in the office, announcing to everyone that I have put a deal.

5pm I grab a coffee and start on my admin work, replying to emails and checking stats/reports on the team.

During the whole day I am being called into quick meetings with the management team or being asked questions by the team - the demand on my time is heavy and that’s why you will sometimes find me in the office until 8pm, I don’t mind though because I know the extra few hours means I’m making a difference

The next day, I am at it all over again!!!

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