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Should you use a CV writing service?


CV Writing

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More and more people seem to paying for their CV to be written for them by a professional service but are they getting what they paid for?

Professional CV writers vary greatly in type and quality, some will just give your CV a polish making sure the layout is professional and that it is free of any grammatical and spelling errors while others will provide you with a full consultative service which involves really getting to know you, your aims, objectives and crafting a CV based on their findings. 

What are the pros of using a CV Writing Service? 

Writing a CV is a very time consuming and demanding task which is often the reason why most people choose to use a CV writing service. A good professional CV writer understands the importance of presentation and will always adopt a reader friendly format, they will not write reams and reams of text but will instead edit and add to your CV as required in order to demonstrate your skills and attributes clearly. A CV writing service is useful for individuals that may lack knowledge or confidence using computer software or those who have not updated their CV for a number of years. CV formats, content required and systems change, for example many CV’s now include LinkedIn details and online portfolios. A quality CV service will have expert knowledge of the latest trends and technologies ensuring that you are up to date with the current system. A service also understands the industry you work within or wish to work in and will be capable of tailoring your CV suitably.

What are the cons of using a CV Writing Service? 

As you are opting to use a service they are likely to use a template that your CV is moulded to fit. A template may cause the CV to lack personality and appear overly formatted and generic.  Another factor to consider is cost; CV services are often based on rates according to the type of resume which is going to be created. A basic CV service which involves proofreading and editing can start from £30, a detailed consultative CV crafting; including an in-depth telephone consultation can cost anything up to £150. 

In conclusion whether you should choose to use a CV writing service or not is entirely dependant upon your own personal preference. Consider the reasons for seeking out a professional service, is it because you have become out of touch with the latest requirements and feel you need some assistance or is it because you feel that someone else can capture your skills and achievements in a more effective format. 

If you simply need some guidance there are plenty of blogs, sites and information pages (Yolk’s site included) that can offer you hints and tips to point you in the right direction!

Before making a decision and paying for a service remember to invest some time to source a reliable and recommended company or individual. You can get an idea of the type of writer working on your CV by talking to them either face to face or via telephone. Ask the writer plenty of questions in order to ensure that they capture all the information you wish to have contained in your CV. 

When you register with Yolk Recruitment we will create a standardised profile based on your CV and your interview with us.

Written by Jonathan Bennett+

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