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Essential Marketing Skills for 2013


Essential Marketing Skills for 2013

Want to take the next step in your marketing career? Check out our prediction of what key skills employers will be looking for in 2013.

Video editing

2013 is predicted to be the year video based social networks such as Vine start to take off meaning there will be a mass demand for marketers who can shoot and edit video. Old Spice and BlendTec have revitalised their brand through YouTube video campaigns, but you don’t need a huge budget and a team of professionals to succeed. Low price video cameras and smartphones have made it easier for SMEs to enter the market with ‘How To’ style videos which are proving extremely popular. 

Visual design

Consumers spend less time today on advertising and media than they did a year ago. Smarter marketers recognised this trend in 2012 and started to move away from text based marketing, blogging, articles etc to graphics which can be used communicate a message much faster. Infographics have grown from a small trend to the mainstream with there now being an infographic on just about anything 

Big content

While consumer attention span has shrunk the desire for ‘big content’ has actually increased. Almost every company has moved to a content led marketing strategy and consumers are being inundated with your standard ‘5 ways to cut your energy bills’ style of articles which are largely getting ignored. Customers will read large pieces of content if it adds some real value and are crying out for it. Marketers need to reassess their copywriting and research skills and give their customers real value content. 

Lead attribution

The multitude of ways a company can now connect with and acquire new customers has made it more and more important for marketers to understand what role they play in the sales process. There has been a pragmatic shift in media from bought (advertising) and owned (your website) to earned. Earned media is where customers become advocates for your brand and drive sales. Marketers are responsible for managing and driving this new model and being able to identify where in the sales process customers are entering. 

In 2013 will see a demand for marketers who not only have your core skills research, analysis and communications skills but can also offer a technical expertise.

Photo Credit: Ben Heine

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