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What type of email user are you?


Email Overload

There is no doubt that email has revolutionised the way in which we all communicate. Email is quick, easy and is accessible pretty. However it is the elements that make email so brilliant that can cause email users some problems. We all use email differently, some choose to send all communication via email and others opt out of emails altogether. Here at Yolk we've identified your different types of email users from the ones who ignore everything to the ones that overshare.

So what type of email user are you?  

The Organiser

Does the sight of an unread email drive you crazy? Have you got more folders than emails? Then you’re an email procrastinator. You may think your saving yourself time in the long run but by sorting and archiving all your emails but actually all you’re doing is avoiding your dealing with your more important tasks. What you need to do is setup up rules so that incoming emails are automatically sorted allowing you to get on with the task in hand while also satisfying your need to declutter everything. 

The Oversharer

Being an email oversharer you happily bombard contacts with jokes, deals you’ve stumbled across and reams and reams of pointless information sent across for good measure. With the email oversharer the list really does go on and on, everyone is invited in on the conversation with the CC button ready and waiting! But all those little messages you send colleagues just distract them from what their doing. Some people are happy to receive your jokes and enjoy the little moments of joy you send them some aren’t so why not ask your colleagues next time. 

The Email Only 

Typically do your conversations find themselves bouncing back and forth through cyber space at rapid speeds making the telephone appear out of fashion! You refuse at all costs to pick up the telephone and talk to the person you are trying to communicate with opting solely for email. But did you realise that a conversation that takes over a week via email can take just five minutes on the phone cutting down on the time it takes you to complete that important project. 

The One Month Later

In complete contrast to the culprits listed above you instead take absolutely ages to respond to anything in your inbox. Emails are brushed aside for a rainy day, however due to your lack of email diligence you respond to important tasks and events so late that you’ve missed the opportunity. 

The Deleter

One of the benefits of email does have over phone calls is that you can keep a record of what you’ve sent unless you the type of person of who deletes everything rather than having an archiving system. You’re idea of being organised is just to delete everything that comes your way meaning you often get stuck and have to ask to your client to send that email again. If you haven’t the time to archive everything yourself use Outlooks in built tool which will move emails that older than 30 days in a sub folder for you.

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