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Are you guilty of any of these annoying email habits?


Email Epidemic

Email is a wonderful thing that is regarded as a quick and easy communication tool that be accessed anywhere on the planet. However as with many wonderful things there are faults and issues that can cause little annoyances. Ironically some of these little annoyances are sometimes caused by you, the email user!! 

The most irritating email habits. 

  1. Being part of a massive chain - being included within a massive chain email that you have no interest in especially those ones where they will reveal something ‘special’ if forward to 20 people. 
  1. Being addressed as Sir/Madam - If people are going to take the time to send you an email they should at least have your name, the clue is usually in your email address. 
  1. WRITING IN GAPS FOR NO APPARENT REASON – It doesn’t heighten the email reading experience, it is just ANNOYING and usually results in me pressing delete straight away. 
  1. Abbreviating everything - There is no need to abbreviate everything as the email begins 2 look lke a secret code tht needs unscrmblin. Txt speak is appropriate when you had a limited number of characters but not in emails please. 
  1. Being CC’d into emails – This is annoying not only when you have no interest in the email and when a BCC would have been a better option. Keep email addresses private to some degree! 
  1. Not including anything in the subject box. 
  1. Really, really long signatures - Is there any need? No. This includes the preachy ‘please do not print this’ signature at the bottom and a link to your various social profiles. 
  1. Attachments you can’t open- It has happened to us all, we are waiting on email attachment and when we do it get, it doesn’t open. Instead we get an attachment of a logo that’s come up from the body of email along with the useless attachment. Argh! 
  1. And also really big attachments that cause your email to lag or get rejected by your server. Please use a cloud based solution like Google Drive or Dropbox so I can download the attachment when I’m reading. 
  1. Not including a phone number to call you back.

Let us know what really annoys you in the comments below.

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