Our specialists are often asked for advice throughout a candidate's career journey. From writing a CV to dealing with counter offers, our guides below will ensure you always have expert advice to hand. 

how to write a knockout cv

CVs should always be tailored to each specific job application but there are a few things to
include as standard...


competency based interviews

Competency based questions are very common in interviews allowing the interviewer to
compare all candidates with a set scale they mark towards. A lot of candidates find the idea of competency-based interviews daunting but with a little preparation in advance they give you the chance to really show how you would be a good fit for the job.

Read our guide for a foolproof way to nail competency questions every time:


assessment centres

Assessment centres provide the chance for a number of different assessors to get to know you over a longer period of time than an average interview slot. Read our guide to find out about different types of assessment centres, what to expect and preparation tips.


telephone interviews

Although less formal than a face to face interview telephone interviews are often the first time
you will have significant contact with your potential employee so they still need to be taken
seriously. Get tips on how to prepare before, during and after your interview.


skype interviews

More and more companies are utilising technology and using Skype to carry out the first interview with candidates especially if the candidate isn’t local. Ensure you create the right impression and connect with your interviewer by reading our Skype interview guide.


Counter offers

Did you know 80% of people who have accepted a counter offer will not be at their current employer in six months? Take a look at our guide to discover the three things to consider before accepting a counter offer.


using social media for your job search

If you’re job seeking, chances are prospective employers are having a snoop around your social media profiles quicker than you can say 'Google' so take a look at our top tips to help your social media work in your favour and get you over that last hurdle to interview…


Your guide to resigning

We know handing in your notice is a big step, especially if you count your colleagues as friends and don't want to leave them in the lurch. Read our guide on how to hand in your notice without burning any bridges.

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