why recruitment?

Think you need years of recruiter experience to join Yolk? Think again! If you've got ambition, sales experience and a flair for negotiation you could be our next recruitment superstar.

Some of our most successful Yolk Folk had never worked in recruitment before joining our company. They started off diving into the unknown and have now forged amazing careers here at Yolk.

So if you're intrigued by a role in recruitment but are unsure of what to expect, read their stories here...

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"I fell into recruitment by chance when I registered as a candidate with Yolk whilst working as a Telesales Team Leader. I was frustrated with the repetition of my current role so when Yolk saw my sales experience and recruiter potential and offered me a job I was beyond excited to start a new challenge.

I had no idea what being a recruiter entailed but Yolk gave me excellent training as well as freedom to express myself in the role. They recognised my strengths very early and allowed me to use these to get the best from me.

The role was far from what I expected; I pictured a list of people looking for a candidate and a list of people looking for a job! I didn’t realise how many methods and processes go into finding someone a role and was pleasantly surprised by the variation in recruitment compared to my previous monotonous position in telesales.

I’ve worked for Yolk for over four years now and two days are never the same. I love getting out and meeting people and understanding their recruitment needs and it’s so satisfying to know that you are helping people progress professionally."

David Jenkins, Senior Consultant

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"After studying law and working for a top firm for two years I decided law wasn’t for me and was looking for a change in direction. Whilst attending a networking event I met some consultants who told me what a job in recruitment involved and was surprised at how interesting it sounded; so much more than the desk job I had expected it to be.

I was excited when I was offered a role at Yolk but also worried about making the transition from working at a law firm to becoming a recruiter, but couldn’t believe how much more rewarding Yolk made it. The Directors are extremely encouraging and supportive when it comes to your development; I’ve been promoted four times since joining Yolk, something which I thought would be impossible having never worked in recruitment before.

I love managing the legal division at Yolk as I can still use my expertise and knowledge gained from University and my previous role as well as utilising my connections I made.

The biggest surprise for me was the amount of money that could be made in recruitment. Law is seen a one of the most lucrative professions, but in reality within three months I was already tripling the salary I was earning whilst in law."

Sarah Castle, Divisional Head

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"Like a lot of people, I got into recruitment by chance. As a ‘people person’ with a predominantly sales background, someone suggested recruitment and I’ve never looked back!

When joining Yolk I was amazed by the variation of the role, from being on the phone, to candidate or client meetings, to trade shows and networking events, recruitment was so much more fast paced and exciting than I had anticipated. It’s not as clear cut as a sales job whereby you make a sale and move on. It’s really a long term, relationship based role. There’s loads of intricacies of recruitment and it’s not just the best sales people that succeed.

Since joining Yolk in 2010 I’ve worked within both temporary and permanent recruitment and enjoyed the challenges and rewards of both. I’ve since been promoted to Client Relationship Director where I maintain and build relationships with key clients.

As a consultant I loved really getting to know my candidates and now I love finding out about clients and coming up with creative solutions to support them with their recruitment. I love the Yolk Folk family too – and I’ve really enjoyed watching others flourish over my 6 years here!"

Nici Jones, Client Relationship Director

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