About Us

We’re all about people.

You, yours, ours. Connecting. Building relationships. Making the right matches. Finding that missing piece.

And it’s the way we do that – and do it intuitively - that defines us.

Bright, bold, better. That's Yolk.


Leadership team

Meet the people who steer Yolk.

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    Dale Williams


    I co-founded Yolk in 2009 and the company has grown exponentially. I’m proud that our vision and leadership has shaped it into a recruitment business that people love to work for, and that clients are always ready to recommend. 

    My focus is on building the most unique, engaging and high performing recruitment business for our people so that they can in turn offer the most quality driven, creative and bespoke solutions for our clients and candidates.

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    Duncan Powell

    Managing Director

    I co-founded Yolk with the aim of building an ambitious and exciting company based on the principles of being bright, bold, and better for our clients, candidates and all our amazing people.

    As MD, I drive the company’s profitability and direction. I work closely with our senior management team to make sure that we’re being the best we can be; that we’re delivering the kind of service that reflects the Yolk brand.

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    Kevin Evans

    Finance Director

    Having spent 10 years in private practice before acting as Finance Director for an International Medical Supplies and Property Development business, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of South Wales' fastest growing, dynamic businesses.

    My expertise is in fast-growth. It’s also my passion; I love to help ambitious businesses develop. It’s what drew me to Yolk.

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    Nici Jones

    Client Services Director

    I’ve spent my professional life in sales and recruitment; I have a passion for both.

    I’m responsible for nurturing relationships with key clients and ensuring Service Level Agreements are met and expectations exceeded.  I work closely with clients to find intelligent solutions to their recruitment needs as well as unearthing and capitalising on new opportunities for large contract wins.

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    David Jenkins

    Business Development Manager

    I originally joined Yolk as a consultant specialising in National sales recruitment and worked my way up to managing the Sales Recruitment division. 

    I now focus on developing new business for Yolk, reaching out to new clients, getting an understanding of their recruitment needs, and ensuring we're working with businesses in South Wales ranging from SME's to blue chip key accounts. 


Bright, Bold, Better

We don’t like run-of-the-mill. We’re not fans of ordinary. Yolk is about being bright, being bold, being better. 

Our Story

We've come a long way, and there's plenty more in store.

Take a look at our journey so far. 

  • 2009

    Dale and Duncan set up Wales' first specialist sales recruitment agency over a full English breakfast. Yolk is born.

  • 2010

    Nici Jones launches Yolk Marketing to service sales clients who want us to help fill marketing roles too.

  • 2011

    Yolk flies in the face of the recession, taking on more than 15 specialist recruiters and breaking £1million in annual permanent placement revenues.

  • 2012

    Yolk Technology & Digital and Yolk Office Support are launched, going on to become flagship divisions.

  • 2013

    An award! Yolk picks up an FG50 Award for Fastest Growing Agency in Wales. Yolk also gets a new home as record revenues lead to a bigger, snazzier base in central Cardiff.

  • 2014

    Sarah Castle launches Yolk Legal and Phil Pitman launches Yolk Engineering. Plus we win another Fast Growth 50 award!

  • 2016

    Yolk now has a team of 40 recruiters working with globally recognised brands. With a bigger team, we move into our state-of-the-art office, The Shell.

  • 2017

    Another Fast Growth 50 award, this time for sustainable growth.

  • 2019

    A brand refresh for Yolk! We launch our new website in January to celebrate Yolk's 10th anniversary!


We're Award Winners

We’ve picked up a few gongs over the years. It’s always great to be recognised for what we do and the way we do it. 

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