Our Services

Looking for someone brilliant? We’ll find them. We track down perfect candidates, helping businesses fill vacancies quickly.

And we stick around to make sure things work out.  


How we work

It’s a partnership. You and us. We find out what you need, and we go and get it.

Typical recruitment briefs range from three-month exclusive projects to annual exclusive arrangements. We can work on a contingency basis, where clients need one or two hires, but you’ll get the best results for your business when you trust us to deliver time and time again. 


We'll work as your on-site or extended partner to handle all of your recruitment, from single vacancies to an entire workforce. 1 job, 10 jobs, 100 jobs. 

Because you'll have your own Yolk recruiters in place who are specialists in their markets and who will hit the ground running, you'll get a coordinated service that finds the people you need, when you need them. 

  • A single point of contact, so less internal administration
  • No multiple-agency relationships to manage, and less cost per hire
  • Access to exclusive talent pools and hard to reach candidates
  • A quality driven approach, and full transparency

We're in it together. You pay an upfront fee, so you're invested and we're invested. And we guarantee a 100% fill rate.

It's the perfect option when you're looking to recruit business-critical roles, and where there is a high risk attached to unfilled positions. And it goes further than traditional recruitment.

Through social media, events, bespoke video showcasing, databases, and our network of contacts, we'll engage with active and passive candidates - those who are looking, and those who aren't - to find the best person for the job. We'll also commit to dual branded advertising across the marketing campaign so we're using the combined power of both of our brands. 

  • More elements, but the same overall cost as for our other recruitment arrangements 
  • Guaranteed success
  • Return on investment

You pay us once we've placed a permanent candidate in your business.

It's a popular option for clients whose recruitment needs are unpredictable, and who want to avoid paying an upfront fee. It can involve a longer process than some of the other types of arrangements, but it has particular benefits. 

  • No upfront investment, therefore low-risk
  • Flexibility
  • You pay on results - great for first time agency users
  • No long-term commitment. If you need to close the vacancy, let us know and we'll put our search on hold. If there's no placement, there's no charge.

This is where we find you an individual contract worker, or an entire contract workforce, to step into your business. It's a cost effective and efficient way of filling your ad-hoc project requirements quickly and seamlessly via our expert contract consultants.

You will have one dedicated point of contact from our team who will take time to discuss what you need in detail, and liaise with the specialists in other areas on your behalf. We’ll make sure the contractor fully matches the skill requirements of the role and is a cultural fit for the business.

We have a team of contract recruitment experts who are always on-hand. And that really does means 24/7, 365. It's so we can make sure that you get the skilled people you need, when you need them. 

  • Flexible, specialist capability at business criticial times
  • The least possible disruption to your operation 
  • Immediate productivity 
  • Cost certainty from the get-go

Capable, referenced, ready-and-willing temporary candidates to cover long or short-term gaps in your workforce.

If you're used to dealing with unexpected absence or seasonal demands, it's worth having a supply of available temporary workers at your fingertips. We cover sectors including HR, reception, admin, finance, legal and language. 

All candidates are immediately available so we can get temps in place very quickly. Our temporary recruitment desk understand exactly what's needed in your business and your market. And we'll oversee the placement, helping with payroll and any issues so you can be sure that it will run smoothly. 

  • Flexible, specialist capability at business-critical times
  • Immediate productivity, and momentum maintained 
  • Effective management of seasonal pressues, ad hoc days, and periods of unexpected demands
  • Cost certainty from the outset

Through our sister company City Executive Search, we recruit for executive-level roles throughout Europe. 

Our clients are big businesses and ambitious fast-growth companies that are looking for proven leaders. We work exclusivelywith them to identify, target and secure the best talent in the market. And our high success rate has made us the trusted, long-term recruitment partner of some of Europe's best employers.

City Executive Search, part of the Recolution Recruitment Group, is led by seasoned and well-connected London and Cardiff-based recruiters. 

To find out more, go to https://www.cityexecutivesearch.com/    


Problems we've solved

We like to put our thinking caps on. We love a challenge. We don’t give up. So, whatever’s thrown at us, we’ll have it covered.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done for clients: 


Recruitment that goes above and beyond

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    Skills Testing

    We make sure we find you the perfect candidate by using  Skills & Psychological testing.

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    Interview Facilities

    ​We can offer our state-of-the-art interview and meeting space facilities in Cardiff.

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       Employee Onboarding    

    We'll help assimilate your new employee into the team in the first 8 weeks

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    Post Placement Care

    We'll organise a series of meetings post placement to make sure everything is working with the new candidate.                         

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    Exclusive Recruitment Partners

    We offer a 100% fill rate guarantee when you agree to being an exclusive partner.

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    Yolk Events

    We run a year-long calendar of events across divisions to support client & candidate networking.

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    AGP Gold Partner

    We're a member of the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme offering a range of recruitment benefits.

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    Online Solution for temps and contractors

     An online solution offering easy to use payroll and HR functions for your temp or contract staff. 


Coming to Wales?

We're a leading recruitment agency in South Wales, and the go-to people for relocations to our home city of Cardiff. We've helped lots of companies find the people and teams they need to get up and running here, so you're in safe hands. 

You bring your business, we'll find your people.



Ready to hire amazing talent?