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​We’re not just reshaping recruitment, we’re carving solid career paths for every member of our team. Our employees strive to give the Brightest, Boldest and Best standards of themselves, and in return we make sure they reach their full potential through our support. We’re always on the lookout for ambitious, tenacious, creative people. Sound like you?

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Yolk Recruitment, Join Us
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    I know what is expected of me at work and my performance is measured.

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    My manager or someone at work cares about me as a person.

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    My colleagues are committed to doing quality work .

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Dale Williams, CEO, Yolk Recruitment

A message from Dale

At Yolk, above all else, we are committed to our people.

You're our greatest asset, it’s you that keeps our clients and candidates hungry for more. Our job is to create the best platform for you to shine, and we prioritise this in all areas of our business. Our single biggest investment as a business is inward.

We've been building a culture where everyone wins. If every person demands the Brightest, Boldest and Best standards of themselves, then we ensure your full potential is realised through our support, philosophy and profits. 

Investing your career in Yolk means you have a Vision, we know where we’re going, and so will you. We’re a Transparent business, we’ll show you what it’s like before you even get here, no surprises. You’ll make a Difference, we’ve been differentiating for over 10 years and, we win when you’re Winning, it’s a team sport.

Life at Yolk, it’s something Special.

Dale Williams



Yolk Recruitment, Join Us

Why Big hitters join Yolk

The way we do things at Yolk has drawn some pretty special people to us.

  • Pavan Arora

    I met with both Dale and Duncan and it was clear that the synergy was apparent from the first meeting. I wanted to be part of the Yolk family immediately. 

    The business is forward thinking and open to change and we never want to stand still like so many other recruiters. We are constantly striving to be better and never rest on our goal to be the number 1 recruiter in South Wales and the South West.

    We celebrate together and support each other through the tough times. We of course have many challenges but it’s the small things we do, that little bit extra, that sets us apart.

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    Pavan Arora

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Jessica Harmer

    After 10 years in the whirlwind that is the recruitment world, I decided country life was no longer for me and the city called me back…

    With careful research, and ‘the eye’ to pick out the best agency, I interviewed with Dale and Duncan at Yolk. I was over the moon to be offered the role of Principal Consultant to join Yolk's Engineering Team. Following two years of ultimately learning a new market from the best of the best, an internal opportunity arose to head up the Finance Division which I'm thrilled to have been offered.

    Now fully immersed into my new challenge, I am loving every moment. Yolk is a culture in itself, the people are a second family to me and the perks speak for themselves! The support is exceptional, the values and the vision we all share is unmatched. I couldn’t be luckier to be a part of such a smashing business!

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    Jessica Harmer

    Divisional Head, Finance & Accountancy

Why Rookies join Yolk

We invest in our new recruits, helping them learn the ropes and map out their careers with us. 

  • Andy Jones

    I started at Yolk in 2018 - I previously had 6 months recruitment experience but no proper training - and since joining, it’s been a very intense and supportive journey.

    Yolk is a family. We have a culture where everyone wins and we are there to support each other in the highs but also the lows. Yolk doesn’t just give you a job - it gives you a career and so much more.

    Yolk gives back to you more than you could ever ask for with holidays, social events, lunches  and shopping trips. For me this was developing my confidence and trying lots of different foods that I would never have tried! 

    Now with 3 consecutive promotions in 3 years, I am a Team Manager looking to start the next chapter of my career along with helping other Yolk Folk on their own journey.

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    Andy Jones

    Team Manager

  • Chloe Thomas

    I joined Yolk as an Associate and have gone from strength to strength with training, support and guidance from everyone in the business.

    Everyone at Yolk wants to see each other succeed. Your progression is not hindered by whether there is a role available to move into – it is down to what you achieve as an individual. You are given the autonomy to build your client base, and you are given all the support you could ask for to do so.

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    Chloe Thomas


Ready for the challenge?

Yolk Work Perks

You put in the hard work, and we make sure you get rewarded for it. Here are the benefits of joining the Yolk family:

  • Yolk Icons Uncappedearning
    Incredible Commissions

    Our commission structure is the best in the business.



  • Yolk Icons Worklifebalance
    Hybrid Work & Flexible Hours

    Early riser or prefer a later start? Choose the time to start that suits your lifestyle best.

  • Christmas Tree Icon
    Christmas On Us

    Christmas comes early at Yolk. We shut the office down over the festive period as an added bonus on top of your annual leave.

  • Yolk Icon Career Path White
    Career Path

    Your career is in your hands. It's clear, it's mapped out, the recruitment world is your oyster. You're in control.  

  • Yolk Icons Executiveclub
    Company Holiday

    An annual trip abroad for the entire Yolk Folk, with the destination updated every year.

  • Yolk Icons Pensions

    When you join Yolk, you'll get up to date advice from a pension specialist. If you invest in your future, we will too.

  • Yolk Icons Parking
    Up to £1K in Discounts

    Make some incredible savings at all your favourite retailers, cinemas and holidays! 

  • Yolk Icons Shopping
    Shopping Days

    An annual Christmas shopping spree for our top performers. All paid for even if it includes Louis Vuitton handbags.

  • Yolk Icons Winnersclub
    Quarterly Club

    Our quarterly adventures are days out, all expenses paid, for those who have stood out amongst the Yolk Folk.

  • Yolk Birthday
    Birthday Treat

    It’s your day. So spend it doing what you want to do. On top of your annual leave you’ll get your birthday off on us.

  • Yolk Icons Summerparty
    Summer Party

    We throw a summer party for all of our staff every year. We change the theme so each year is unique.

  • Yolk Icons Gym White
    Medical Plans

    Promoting healthy minds and bodies to keep us all fighting fit and staying on top of our health.

Yolk Recruitment, Join Us

Don't take our word for it,
here's what our team have to say

  • Bethan Griffiths

    The culture is unique and thoroughly enjoyable and totally different to my previous experiences. Anybody thinking about a career in this sector should consider joining Yolk!

    Bethan Griffiths


  • David Jenkins

    I’ve worked for Yolk for years now and no two days are ever the same. I love getting out and meeting people and understanding their recruitment needs.

    David Jenkins

    Sales Director

  • Jake Appleton

    Yolk created a culture in which everyone wins, everyone is listened to, and achievements aren’t kept secret. Yolk want to congratulate you, and want to promote your success.

    Jake Appleton

    Divisional Head, Technology & Digital

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