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Yolks in Cloaks

(or Corporate Social Responsibility if you want to get technical...)

Our self-titled 'Yolks In Cloaks' are the internal superheroes who ensure we're giving back to the wider community with a clear CSR strategy, and that we're doing our part to make the recruitment industry as inclusive as possible.

​The Yolk Ethos

To use our success to influence and foster a brighter, sustainable and more accessible future for all.

We will achieve this by working with our local communities and business networks to ensure the future of recruitment is as inclusive as possible, and that the cities, towns and villages that we work in and call home, can continue to flourish and inspire us.

Why trees?

Planting new trees has been proven to be an effective way to fight the current climate crisis and helps us in the journey to stabilise our climate.

Your tree will be absorbing on average a whole tonne of CO2 through the little sapling's lifetime.

Not only helping us by cleaning our air, planting trees also means we're creating more dense nature spots, providing extra space and home for the diverse wildlife within the area to flourish. We hope this gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside too!

Where will your tree be planted?​

We will be planting an Oak tree native to the region in a local Welsh woodland. We have a dedicated plot of land in Blaen Bran Community Woodlands in Cwmbran where we will be planting each batch of trees every year, depending on how many candidates have been placed through out those last 12 months.

Read more about Blaen Bran Community Woodlands

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Announcing our Charity of the Year for 2021

An incredibly important charity that touches the lives of many across the UK, Maggie's centres help people to take back control when cancer turns life upside down, with professional support for anything from treatment side effects to money worries.

Founder Maggie felt that her diagnosis and treatment was as hard on her family as it was on her, so she created a new type of support, a centre that could make the experience of cancer more manageable for everyone.

Maggie's has now grown into a network of centres built beside NHS hospitals across the UK.

Yolk made Maggie's Centres our charity of the year for 2021 following a number of employees having family member's lives hit by cancer, where Maggie's have been a huge support. It means our fundraising activities through-out the year will be focused on raising money for Maggie's and our first big activity took place February 2021.

Find out about our first fundraising initiative for Maggie's Centres, where we raised £2,070 in February, by clicking here.

Our 3 Pledges

We are working towards the Yolk Ethos via a number of ways. This is broken down into our three pledges that we feel will help us affect the change we are working towards.


Giving back and inspiring change

  • For Christmas 2020, we took part in The Wonderful Xmas Post campaign which focused on making sure senior people living in care homes received Christmas cards and messages after a year of lockdown and not being able to see relatives.

  • The year before, we took part in The Rhondda Cynon Taff's Christmas gift giving campaign where Yolk staff donated presents to families who weren't able to afford presents that year. We were able to donate 120+ presents and even got the other businesses in our building in on the action.

  • Our charity of the year for 2020 was Cancer Research Wales who we partnered with on a number of fundraising initiatives throughout the year including bake-sales, clothes donations, and signing up to their Brecon Beacons Walk (postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19.)


Accessible careers and inclusive recruitment for all

  • We are currently in the process of kicking off a brand new project, Yolk's Diversity Champions Podcast. We are interviewing a range of different business leaders to have open conversations about their diversity & inclusion initiatives to help educate ourselves and other companies on how to ensure your recruitment and work environment is as inclusive as possible.

  • Yolk Recruitment are incredibly proud to be a registered member of Disability Confident, a government run scheme whose aim is to ensure employers and businesses realise the potential of disabled people and recognises the talents they can bring to the workforce.

  • Yolk Recruitment is proud to be a supplier to the prestigious Permanent Recruitment Solutions framework (RM6002) through Crown Commercial Service.  The framework exists to help Civil Service organisations achieve value by buying as a single supplier.  Our track record of identifying and placing the highest calibre of candidates across a multitude of sectors, along with our commitment to customer service, means we are ideally placed to support the public sector, not for profit, charitable organisations, housing sector, education and NHS as it streamlines the way they approach recruitment. Click here for more information.


Working towards a sustainable future

  • Our big campaign for 2021 is Yolks Oaks (as seen above) where we will be planting a tree for every candidate we place. It means that while our day to day work as recruiters helps the business landscape to bloom, so will our home.

  • We have previously partnered with Keep Wales Tidy to help clean up the streets of our local city, Cardiff. Our team have braved the Welsh weather and littered picked along the famous River Taff to ensure our local beauty spots stay just that; beautiful.

  • We run a number of sustainable initiatives within the company including recycling litter, timed lights to ensure no wastage of electricity, a bike scheme and remote working options to limit on the need to drive/transport to work.

    • As part of our senior leadership team contract, directors receive a company car. In 2020, we switched to rolling out Yolk's first electric company car.

Why this is important to us

Over our 10+ years of business, starting as a team of 2 in 2009 to a company of 40+ employees, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve our success without South Wales’ thriving business networks, supportive communities, and the ever-encouraging Welsh spirit of those around us.

Having reaped the benefits, we want to share this by offering a helping hand to continue to build South Wales as a destination for businesses, professionals, and the communities around us. Together we are building careers, bright futures and more routes to success for everyone.

Yolk Recruitment wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the success of the individuals and businesses we work with, from candidates and clients through to our own employees.

To succeed we all need to succeed together. Now more than ever.

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Do you want to help us in achieving the Yolk Ethos? We’re always looking for new charities, businesses and people to work with across all of our corporate social responsibility activities. If you would like to get in touch with Yolk’s in Cloaks about new CSR initiatives, or simply would like to discuss any of the points above, let's have a chat.

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