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Job Seeking as a Graduate: How to Kickstart your Career

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You’ve just graduated, congratulations! But with the relief of completing your degree comes the daunting prospect of the unknown. We live in a competitive world where job seeking is often not a straightforward process. Here’s some advice to keep in mind for this new exciting chapter:

Just do it!

Job searching can be mentally challenging. It’s easy to fall into procrastination and low self-esteem when we’ve built the expectation of being hired right after graduating.

The truth is, it may or may not happen straight away due to many impacting factors. Identify them, write them down and face them: what’s the worst case scenario? What solutions do I have? By doing this you’ll be able to manage negative self-talk and avoid discouragement.

Make it a habit.

Even the best of us procrastinate, especially when we lose the scheduled structure of university life. We totally get it, the temptation to stay up late watching Netflix and wake up… well, whenever, is irresistible. But think about it this way: the sooner you learn self-discipline and time management, the easier you’ll adapt to an employer’s schedule.

Besides, recruiters will probably call you during that 9-5 window, and you don’t want to miss any opportunity! Time flies and before you know it, one week becomes a month, one month becomes six and so on.

Schedule your day and allocate time for productivity: improving your CV, writing cover letters, applying for jobs, making phone calls, etc. You’ll still have the opportunity to relax after that and you won’t have that guilty feeling in the back of your mind.

Know what you want, but keep an open mind.

You now have a degree and may or may not look for work in your field of study. Whatever you choose, try to define your industries of interest and seek entry-level positions that match your current knowledge, experience, skills and personality.

Go on job search engines and recruitment agency websites, like our own, and subscribe to keyword based mailing lists.

On the other hand, don’t limit yourself and try to keep an open mind: sometimes the best opportunities come from where we least expect.

You may not find your dream job immediately, but any experience is still valuable and you may gain applicable skills that will open new doors for you.

Soft skills.

An interview won’t always land you a job, but it’s always an opportunity for constructive criticism. Some employers will offer you some feedback, make sure to take notes for future reference. If they haven’t offered any it’s always good to ask as it shows determination and commitment to self-improvement.

Most universities also offer support systems for graduates, whether it’s in the form of career services or orientation.

This is where recruitment agencies come in. They will not only help you find a job, they will also advise you on how to improve your soft skills, which can truly make a difference on your CV or interview skills. We can help you out.

Yes to inspiration, no to comparison.

Theodore Roosevelt once said that comparison is the thief of joy. And indeed, it’s likely that people in your social circle may find jobs before you. Add social media and you’ve got a great recipe for biased judgement.

Make sure to not fall into a “why them and not me” mentality, and try to be inspired by others’ success: ask them how they’ve made it and if they’re aware of any opportunities for you. Networking is key!

Since we rely so much on social media, make sure your LinkedIn profile is active, complete and up to date. Keep a look out on other platforms. In fact, more and more employers advertise opportunities on Facebook.

Put yourself out there and don’t hesitate to contact key industry people and companies of interest. Be proactive. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.  

Finally, don’t give up and believe in yourself! Be consistent and patient, and your efforts will be rewarded sooner or later. So why not kickstart your career today by uploading your CV to us?

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