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Bitcoin Tech Talk: Threshold Signatures

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Thursday, 7 May 2020 | 17:30 to 18:30
Event 2: Friday 15th May

The second webinar event being held by Bitcoin SV Wales will see us being joined by blockchain engineer John Murphy, who will be walking us through how to implement a threshold signature (TS) system using the Nakasendo SDK

For more information, visit the Bitcoin Meet-Up page here.

Register early for the webinar via Zoho here.

Event 1: Thursday 7th May

Bitcoin Wales and Yolk's partnership continues, as the first in a series of Bitcoin development webinars begins in May 2020. 

Kicking us off is a deep-dive into the theory of threshold signatures (TS), where we are joined by blockchain researcher, Michaella Pettit.

Michaella will be guiding us through the basics of threshold systems, why they are used and how they can help blockchain-based developers improve the security and functionality of applications.

This is not one to be missed!

For more information, visit the Bitcoin Meet-Up page here. 

Register early to the webinar via Zoho here.