HR Insights: 24th March 2020

Tuesday, 24 March 2020 | 9:00 to 12:00

We're excited to announce our first HR Insights of 2020! On the 24th of March 2020, Anna Denton-Jones from Refreshing Law Ltd will be diving into the requested topic of settlement agreements, and how to maximise their potential.

Anna will be discussing the legal framework around settlement agreements as well as sharing 20 years of experience of negotiating them on either side of the fence.

Other details we will look into are: 

  • Can the new generation of "freelance solicitors" sign off a settlement agreement?

  • Are you up to date for using settlement agreements in 2020? 

  • What are common omissions from documents and other elements that need to be updated?

This session will take place on the at the Juno Moneta Lounge at the Cardiff City Stadium, from 9 AM to 12 PM on the 24th of March 2020

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