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HR Insights: Sexual harassment in the workplace

​March 2023 saw us host our latest HR Insights session, with Refreshing Law's Anna Denton-Jones, dedicated to exploring the effects, impact, and significance of sexual harassment in the workplace and the rise and repercussions of the 2017 online #MeToo movement.

In this HR Insights session, attendees gained valuable insights and takeaways into the legal and practical aspects of dealing with sexual harassment cases within the workplace. From understanding current legal obligations to implementing effective and updated training programmes, this session provided essential guidance for employers and employees alike.

The increase of reported sexual harassment cases across Wales and the rest of the UK, coupled with the MeToo movement has been a turning point for so many businesses. It has encouraged employers and business owners to expand and update their training, drawn attention to any outdated policies and processes, and urged organisations to keep working toward a more inclusive work environment for all.

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This HR Insights session covers:

  • Sexual Harassment in the workplace

  • Challenges faced by HR

  • HR's role when handling internal cases

  • Sexual Harassment policies

  • Cooperating with witnesses

  • Involving the police

  • Suspension & Harassment types

  • The involvement of the employer

  • What's next?

  • Q & A with attendees

During this HR Insights session, Anna draws and expands on her professional experiences dealing with sexual harassment cases throughout industries both individually and as part of a wider HR team.

Within this downloadable booklet, all of the important topics and points addressed throughout the session are outlined and detailed for you to read and share with your HR team.

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