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Temporary Workers

Whether you are an experienced contractor, using temporary work as a stop-gap between other employment or just enjoy the flexibility a temporary contract can offer here at Yolk we are here to make your assignment as easy as possible.

What do I need to do before commencing an assignment through Yolk Recruitment?

If you have already registered with Yolk Recruitment as a temporary agency worker then please read the information below for further details or get in touch with your consultant.

If you have not registered with us but are interested in the temporary opportunites we have then please call us to discuss.

Download our terms of engagement for agency workers

If you are a non-UK or EEC national, then we will require proof of eligibility to work in the UK. Please check the home office website for appropriate documents:

Pay Arrangements

Yolk Recruitment will pay you on a weekly basis in arrears every Friday. Payment will be made by BACS transfer based on the information that you provide. Before commencing employment you will be given a timesheet to complete or you can download our timesheet below.

You will need to complete this timesheet and send it to us by the following Monday before 11.00am otherwise there maybe a delay in your payment. You will need to detail the hours that you have worked each day and total those hours for the week to be paid. Timesheets must be signed and dated by yourself and the relevant contact where you are working. It is your responsibility (not your place of work) to ensure that your timesheet has been received by Yolk Recruitment; we recommend that you call your Yolk consultant to confirm receipt.

Download our Time Sheet for agency and contract workers​

Tax Queries

Before you start your temporary assignment with Yolk Recruitment we will require either your P45, which you should have recieved from your previous employer when you left, or a P46 which you can download below.

Download your P46 tax form 

We require one of these completed forms before you begin your assignment to ensure you are paid using the correct tax code.

If you have any queries about your income tax please contact your consultant at Yolk or the Inland Revenue on 0845 3003949.


As an Agency Worker you are entitled to paid annual leave according to the statutory minimum as provided by the Working Time Regulations. The current statutory entitlement to paid annual leave under these regulations is 5.6 weeks (28 days). 

Holiday pay entitlement accrues in proportion to the amount of time worked by the Agency Worker on Assignment during the Leave Year. Your Leave Year begins the date you commenced your existing assignment with Yolk Recruitment. Under the Working Time Regulations 1998 none of this leave can be carried over into any subsequent Leave Year and it is your responsibility to ensure that you take all of your leave in the appropriate year.  

Under the Agency Workers Regulations, on completion of the Qualifying Period, the Agency Worker may be entitled to pay and/or unpaid annual leave in addition to the Agency Worker's entitlement to paid annual leave under Working Time Regulations.

If your assignment finishes for any reason, all unpaid accrued holiday will be paid to you in your final wages.

To request holiday leave please seek approval in the first instance from the hiring company. Once your holiday leave has been approved please inform Yolk Recruitment and fill dates on the relevant timesheet.

Absence Reporting

If you cannot attend work due to illness you must contact Yolk Recruitment at least 1 hour prior to your normal start time.  You will be asked why you cannot attend work and how long you think the absence will last.

Lateness Reporting

If you are likely to be late for any reason please contact your Yolk Recruitment consultant at least 30 minutes prior to your normal start time. Please state your reason for being late and whether you believe this will be an ongoing issue. Please be aware that persistent lateness may eventually lead to termination of your assignment.

Dental & Medical Appointments

All temporary staff are required to ensure that any dental or medical appointments are, where feasible, made outside of shift hours. In case of emergency please discuss with your consultant at Yolk Recruitment who will liaise with the client on your behalf.

If you have any other queries that aren't covered here, please get in touch with your consultant at Yolk who will be happy to help. 

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