Automation Test Engineer

As an automation test engineer you will be responsible for the analysis, design and development of automated integration, performance and load testing of all existing and future changes to the business’ systems. This will include the company’s websites and APIs.

You will work across multiple work streams utilising a variety of different tools and approaches to automated testing depending on the product being tested. You will also write and maintain test cases/scripts, test documentation and data, and logging issues and defects with tracking management tools.

Experience in the following areas would be an advantage:  

  • Automation testing and setting up automation frameworks
  • Integration of automated tests into CI/CD pipelines

Being an automation test engineer means you will work closely with a variety of different stakeholders to define test scenarios, including business analysts, developers and product owners. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are a must, as well as assertiveness and focus on execution. Creativity and confidence to put forward new ideas are also a plus.

Automation Test Engineer Key Responsibilities: 
  • Define tools and framework to develop and maintain the Automation solutions
  • Work closely with the delivery team to define automated tests and best practices
  • Integrate automated tests into the CI/CD process
  • Define tools and frameworks for automated testing alongside the delivery team


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