Finance Analyst

As a Finance Analyst you will examine financial data and use findings to help make wider business and strategy decisions.  Finance analysts are used within a wide variety of businesses to analyse specific data for example costs per head, treasury, pricing and KPIs.

Having awareness of current developments in the field will be essential to clearly determine where the strengths and weaknesses of the business lie.

You will possess strong quantitative skills and expert financial analysis and problem solving abilities. You will need to understand the finance reports and possess the communication skills necessary to report findings clearly, concisely and persuasively.  

Key qualifications for a Finance Analyst would be ACCA, ACA or CIMA

  • Deliver dynamic and flexible finance reports
  • Maintain and analyse tracking tools in accordance to the latest financial data
  • Analyse monthly forecasts and utilise when budgeting
  • Working collaboratively with other teams and departments
  • Collect data and insights to resolve business issues and drive better decision making leading to continuous improvement.


The economic powerhouse of Wales, Cardiff has been on a steady incline for years now, as businesses within the city grow, opportunities arise, and more and more businesses decide to move to the capital city.

To name just a few sectors, whether it’s the large scale legal firms based in the city centre, the Fintech businesses moving from London to Cardiff, or the creative agencies cropping up in the hip neighbourhoods (from Pontcanna through to Cardiff Bay), multiple industries are thriving in Cardiff.

Cardiff as a city also offers an ample range of culture and arts and a myriad of things to fill your time with, whether it’s museums, restaurants, concerts or nature (both the seaside and mountain walks are an easy drive or bus ride away), Cardiff is quickly becoming a go-to destination for both young and experienced job-seekers looking for a more affordable city to live in.   

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