Software Developer

Software developers will be focused on writing clean and self-documenting code, using languages such as JavaScript, Java, PHP and C#. As you’re creating the code, this means you’ll have an active participation in the design, implementation and release of features and add-ons for the product you’re working on.

Software developers will need to have years of experience with web development including using relevant frameworks including React, Spring, Laravel and .NET Core and an undergraduate qualification in computer science or a related topic is very beneficial.

Experience of working in Agile environments is also very common for software developers, and you’ll need to be passionate about software development and technology. Strong communication and team-working skills are will be needed as you’ll often work in collaboration with other developers.

Software Developer Key Responsibilities:
  • Define, prioritise and implement new features
  • Write and maintain unit tests to avoid code regressions
  • Help review and test other team member’s code
  • Understand and use Source Control  
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