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The skills shortage in the UK is having a real impact on businesses looking to hire for Maintenance Engineering roles. We’ve seen first-hand the effect this has had on the market and varying salaries and benefits packages used to attract candidates in what has become a hyper-competitive field.

Having spent seven years recruiting for Maintenance Engineering roles within the South Wales market, Andy Jones (Maintenance Engineering Manager at Yolk Recruitment) has cultivated an intensive understanding of the industry’s intricacies. He has listened intently to the pain-points of both his clients and candidates and honed his expertise in connecting experienced talent with growing businesses. With this knowledge, Andy has attained partnerships with leading companies seeking to enhance their workforce.

We asked Andy for his secrets to unlocking success for these clients and for his insight into how, in his own experience, specialised recruitment has supported growth in the Maintenance Engineering industry.

Access to Niche Talent Pools

I've built my personal network every day over the last seven years. Networking, targeted outreach and strategic sourcing methods have afforded me access to my niche talent pool, but my ultimate focus has been on building relationships based on trust, integrity and honesty. I know my candidates' skills and experience, and they know I'm an experienced recruiter who is always there to help.

These relationships help me fill niche positions, and I have an entire network of people who are able to personally recommend ex-colleagues and friends who would be perfect for a role.

Candidate Screening

I pre-screen every candidate before presenting them to my clients. This saves them invaluable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on candidate screening and evaluation, allowing their business to operate at full capacity throughout the hiring process. I ensure that every candidate I recommend possesses the requisite skills, qualifications and experience to excel in Maintenance Engineering roles, thereby minimising the risk of mismatches and subsequent turnover.

Specialist Knowledge

Engineering is in my blood. Both my father and my brother are engineers, and I myself have a degree in the field.

I have spent seven years in Engineering recruitment because I have a personal interest in the field, I love it. My knowledge, acumen and experience help me to understand the needs of both my clients and candidates, saving time when discussing and assessing the technical elements because I know the difference between a roller bearing and a fluid bearing. I can provide solutions that aren't just a round peg in a round hole.

I've successfully helped businesses change the way they look at Engineering recruitment simply by opening their eyes to new talent pools that are proven to work-they just didn't know it. Similarly, I'm able to help candidates learn about opportunities they had previously been blinkered to, but have since gone on to have successful careers within and have never looked back. A 'consultative approach' is an overused phrase, but that's what it means to me.

Streamlining Recruitment

Efficiency is central to my recruitment. I've developed a streamlined recruitment process which is proven to deliver results swiftly and smoothly when working exclusively with myself.

​The Process
  • Initial Consultation: An initial call to discuss your vacancy, what your current approach has been, results so far and where we can make changes to make a difference.

  • Site Visit: To fully understand your manufacturing process and machinery used, as well as your culture and ethos.

  • Timeline Agreement: I'll agree a process timeline with you for CV presentation and review, interview dates and process.

  • Offer Management: Understanding the candidate's primary motivators will allow me to consult with you on the offer, making sure that the first offer is the right offer.

  • Post-Placement Care: I willl support your new employee in integrating into the team and check in regularly post-placement to ensure retention and satisfaction on both sides.

But what really sets Andy apart?

Andy finds out what you need, and he goes and gets it. He'll provide you with the best engineers quicker than any other method. Work with Andy and you'll save time on your recruitment process and get leading engineers on your team for a significant return on investment for your business.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what one of Andy's candidates had to say.

“I was employed for seventeen years before being made redundant and it’s always nerve-wracking going for your first (or any) interview. Andy supported me throughout the stages of the interview process but prior to that had a detailed conversation about me and my skills and made sure he understood what I had to offer companies/what was important to my career goals. With continuous communication via email and telephone, Andy was always there for support and guidance. I was never made to feel like I was on my own with the daunting task of job hunting. I am now starting a new job in line with my career goals and looking forward to what the future may hold!”

​"Great work done by Andy Jones in helping me in securing a move to a highly sought after position. Highly recommend Andy and Yolk Recruitment."

If your team is looking to hire the right Maintenance Engineering talent, or you’re a professional looking to take the next step in your Maintenance Engineering career, please reach out to Andy.

Andy Jones

Manager | Maintenance Engineering Recruitment
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