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2018 - The Year of the Temp

Year Of The Temp

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If you have ever had anything to do with the recruitment market you’ll know that it is constantly changing and this is even truer for temporary recruitment.  The very nature of temporary staff is that it will always reflect current employment trends faster than the permanent market purely because the staff turnover is higher.

In the second half of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018 we are finding that the temporary market is more and more candidate led, candidates increasingly have a choice of employers because there are more jobs than there are available candidates especially for the most in-demand skills. These candidates can now afford to be picky and, unlike in previous years, do not just take the first assignment they are offered. Candidates are more proactive in their job search than ever before and, depending on what their reasons for wanting to temp are, can often encounter many situations where they are counter offered jobs from not only every agency on the market but also a variety of immediately starting permanent roles.

With all this in mind you can probably guess good temporary candidates do not last long, often they are booked up for their next assignment before their current assignment ends. For a temporary candidate financial consistency is key especially when they are paid on a weekly basis so they will strive to proactively find their next role before the last one ends. There is no longer time for employers to interview many temporary candidates and take days to think over a decision because often this will result in not only the best candidate already being snapped up but also the second and third best as well, such is the demand at the moment.

So, if you are an employer how can you make sure you are getting the best candidates available for your temporary position?

Of course, I am going to say use a trusted local recruitment agency purely for the relationships we have with the best temporary staff in the area. We take the time to build up trust with candidates, we get to know the type of assignment which suit them best and they know we place them in good companies. We also understand each temps individual circumstances, whether that is not being able to work in the school holidays due to childcare commitments or only wanting long-term temporary assignments.  In turn this means they let us know when their current assignment is ending and look to us to assist them in finding their next assignment. This enables us to have a bank of reliable temporary workers which we know are available immediately for short-term cover, such as sickness, and those available at a bit more notice for cover for holiday or a particularly busy time for your business, for example.

It isn’t just the candidate’s in the temporary market which has changed massively, the ways companies are using temps has also shifted in the last few years. No longer are temps just seen as ‘bums on seats’ to cover the lower-skilled jobs short-term, they are often very valued, long term members of a team who bring their own specific skills to a business.

Many employers are now deciding to take temporary workers on long term assignments that can stretch over several months. Temp-to-perm roles are often very prominent in the market as employers prefer to ‘try before you buy’ if you will. This approach is popular and is something as a temp consultant I positively promote, it not only gives the business a chance to see how a candidate fits but also gives the candidate a chance to see if it is the right environment for them as well.  

Another trend which shows that the value of temporary workers is increasing is employers are having a proper interview process for temporary workers. Gone are the days where a recruitment consultant sent over a CV and the temporary candidate started the next day without even a phone call from the business (although we can obviously still facilitate this for immediate cover). For the longer assignments, especially those over 4 weeks, more businesses are utilising telephone and face to face interviews just as if it was a permanent candidate. Where this has happened we find the business is usually far happier with the candidate and the candidate is happy to be consistently working and learning. This shows that more companies are considering temporary workers as an important part of their wider business strategy rather than purely short term cover. 

With all of this in mind 2018 is the year where being a temporary worker isn’t just a stop gap between permanent jobs anymore but a truly valid career choice which can work flexibly around life.

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