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Yolk MD Shares New-Starter Impact Tips with Global Employer

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Our Managing Director, Dale Williams, was recently approached by energy giant Gazprom Marketing & Trading to discuss the ways employees can make an impact in their new job. Dale happily obliged, providing insight built over more than a decade in recruitment.

The Gazprom Marketing & Trading (GM&T) team was compiling tips and advice from recruitment and careers specialists to build a comprehensive guide to help young professionals demonstrate their skills from day one. With tips from a range of industry specialists, the GM&T team has provided a useful resource for candidates entering their first role and more experienced professionals moving into new positions or careers.

Thanks to his experience in helping countless professionals find new roles and settle into their responsibilities, Dale was able to share a few helpful suggestions with the GM&T team. And his tips aren’t just useful for professionals serving their probation period, much of his advice can be leveraged by all professionals – regardless of how long they’ve been in their current role or their seniority.   

Here is just a snippet from the guide, including Dale’s contribution. He said: “Make the most of the first few days in your new career by coming to work not only prepared with the usual suspects such as ID and your P45, but also with knowledge. Doing your research on the company and relevant industry news will ensure you hit the ground running. Looking back at your interview prep can be a good place to start.”

“During your first few weeks, spend as much time as you can listening to what’s going on around you. Not only will you learn a huge amount, you’ll demonstrate your curiosity and desire to learn – an added positive that the right people will take note of. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re unsure or need help. No one expects you to know everything during your first week. It’s always better to ask when you’re stumped than complete a task incorrectly, and more often than not you’ll learn more than you expect.”

The guide is full of useful advice that new-starters of all levels from a huge range of different industries can employ. One of the contributors highlights the power of seeking out a mentor to help candidates build confidence and skills from day one. Not only can experienced professionals impart their knowledge and skills, but an established partnership could benefit your career path in a multitude of different ways.

We hope that you’ll be able to gain a few insights from this piece, whether you’re about to start the next chapter of your career or are currently looking to make a splash in a new role. Not only will they help you settle into your role, but they could really propel your progression up the career ladder.

Head over here to read the full article, complete with insight from Dale and other leading names in recruitment and careers advice. And if you have any of your own tips or pieces of advice, why not share them with us across our social media channels?

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