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How Yolk can reshape and streamline your recruitment process to reduce time to hire. 

​Yolk started working with the University of South Wales alongside their 2 existing IT recruiters.
When we were first introduced to their process it was unnecessarily protracted and the University was missing out on top talent.

Multiple Roles Recruited For:

Challenges Faced

  • Time to hire was 8 weeks+ - too long in a highly competitive tech market.

  • Time lapses in processes - 2 week void between CV submittal and feedback. There was another lapse of time to arrange interview availability and confirmations, and a further 10 days until interviews were attended.

  • Candidate drop-off - as a result, the most experienced candidates accepted other roles during this time and the University was only able to interview the 3rd and 4th ranked candidates.

How We Tackled It

  • Meeting key stakeholders - including HR, CTO, Procurement, Development Manager and Project Managers to understand the limitations when recruiting. We were successfully able to streamline the process, whilst remaining compliant with their recruitment constraints.

  • ​Ensuring speedy mobilisation for interview by prearranging time to sift on date of role closing.

  • Arranging availability with University to interview on Week 2, blocking out interview times in their diaries. This enabled candidates to keep this time free so we could guarantee availability and book interviews immediately.

  • Yolk held first stage telephone interviews on behalf of the University based on the candidate’s availability. This was convenient for the candidates and saved the University time.

  • Ensuring key decision makers were involved in the face to face interviews enabling them to make a decisive hire. 

​​As well as attracting active candidates for a number of technical roles for the University, Yolk were also able to deliver a volume of
high calibre passive candidates. This was achieved by: 

  • High level of referrals were gained from existing networks within relevant verticals.

  • Engaging passive candidates through a series of Yolk run events such as bi-monthly Tech Talks and Digital Insights.

  • Expert use of Linkedin recruiter meant we were able to identify and engage more passive candidates.

What We Achieved

Due to the results of the improved recruitment process, and a focus on passive candidates, Yolk were able to:


Successfully fill  a number of technical vacancies: Business Analysts, .NET Developers, Project Managers and niche Software Asset Manager vacancies.


Reduce time to hire: 8 weeks to 3 weeks.


Exclusive partnership established: the University of South Wales now work with us for a number of different technical roles following ongoing success.

Referrals gained into other departments: following the success of the technical partnership we help the University recruit across their HR, Communications and Finance departments.

Recruiting for technology roles and finding yourself dealing with the same challenges?

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